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Three-lobe Roots blower: How does the three-lobe Roots blower work?
 Mar 12, 2014|View:332

I have briefly analyzed some simple knowledge about the three-leaf Roots blower. Then, after understanding that, let's understand how it works.

So when it comes to the working conditions of the three-lobe Roots blower, it is actually a bit similar to the Roots blower, so let’s analyze it below:

First of all, we all know that the three-leaf Roots blower has more advantages than the two-leaf blower. Its vibration frequency is lower and the noise is also lower. Then its working situation is like this: There is an impeller on each of the two shafts, as well as the inner hole surface of the oval shell, and then there should be a little gap between the surface of the impeller and the front and rear cover of the fan, and then between the impeller and the fan. A small gap is enough, so that the wind will be transported from the air inlet of the fan along the inner wall of the casing to the other side of the discharge under the driving of the synchronous gear.

Note: Lubricating oil is not required for the interior of the three-lobe Roots blower.