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How to properly install the fan
 Jul 01, 2016|View:227

After the introduction of the previous content, everyone should have a more systematic understanding of turning off the fan. In fact, in order to make it better for us, we have a lot of points to pay attention to when installing. The following is a detailed introduction to its installation method.


The first is installation. When installing, we need to maintain a balance when installing the foot plate or the frame, such as bending unevenness must be corrected or leveled before the bolts can be forbidden. At the same time, when turning off the wind motor, an overload protection device must be installed to prevent the motor from burning out.

Secondly, before turning off the fan, we should pry off the protective cover and use an adjustable wrench to rotate the impeller shaft. It can be used only after the impeller shaft rotates flexibly. Do not reach into the machine and turn it with your hands to avoid hurting your fingers.

After that, during use, we need to start the star unloader before we can feed the material, and then cut off the power supply after the material is emptied.

Only by doing the above three steps, can the shut-off fan be used correctly for us and make it play its value.