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Three Leaf Roots Blower GZHSR84B
Three Leaf Roots Blower GZHSR84B

Three Leaf Roots Blower GZHSR84B

Product Detail

Product name: Three-lobe Roots Blower

Model: GZHSR84B

Caliber: 65mm

Pressure: 19.6kpa-98kpa

Air volume: 0.86m³/min-2.72m³/min

Motor power: 1.1kw-5.5kw

Features of Guozhen Roots Blower:

1. Guozhen Roots blower adopts a high-precision rotor and a reasonable structure at the inlet and outlet of the shell, so the blower has low vibration and low noise.  

2. The impeller and shaft are of integral structure and the impeller is free from wear. The performance of the Roots blower fan remains unchanged and can be operated continuously for a long time.

3. Guozhen Roots blower has large volume utilization rate, high volume efficiency, compact structure and flexible installation methods.

4. The selection of Guozhen Roots blower bearings is reasonable, and the service life of each bearing is uniform, thus prolonging the service life of the blower!

5. The oil seal of Roots blower is made of imported fluorine rubber material, which is resistant to high temperature, abrasion and has a long service life.

6. A complete range of models can meet the needs of different users for different purposes.

7. Guozhen Roots blower does not need lubricating oil in the inner cavity, which is high efficiency and energy saving, high precision, long life, compact structure, small size, light weight and easy to use.

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