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Roots blower: take you to know about Roots blower
 Jan 22, 2014|View:287

I wonder if you have any idea about Roots blower? If not, then you have the right to find out if you read this article.

Regarding the Roots blower, it is also called the volumetric style fan. The amount of air it enters is proportional to the amount converted, and then its impeller end face and the front and rear ends of the fan, as well as the impeller of the Roots blower. There must be a small distance between them, and then the wind will enter the tuyere under the drive of the synchronous gear, and then continue to move forward along the inner wall of the housing and be conveyed to the discharge side.

The inside of the Roots blower does not need any auxiliary lubricating oil, or some other oil, which is easy to store.

So it also has many characteristics, such as high efficiency and energy saving, long use time, small area, etc. In addition, it has a wide range of applications, including many fields, such as: petrochemicals, building materials ports, papermaking, and sewage treatment, etc. In the field, according to its working principle, Roots blower can be used not only to transport wind, but also to transport air, but also to transport some gases such as coal gas, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide.