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Roots blower: What are the components of a roots blower?
 Jan 26, 2014|View:303

I have already shared some brief introductions about Roots blower with you. Then some basic conditions of Roots blower should have been understood, so maybe some of its more in-depth knowledge still needs us to dig slowly.

Today I will mainly share with you the components of Roots blower.

It mainly consists of the following parts:

1. Crust: Obviously it is used for support and fixation

2. Impeller: It should be used for rotation and support, now it is mainly used for three leaves

3. Wallboard: It is mainly used to support the rotation of the impeller

4. Muffler: It is mainly used to reduce some noise of Roots blower during operation

The understanding of Roots blower must be more than this, if you want to know more, then continue to pay attention.