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Roots blower: daily maintenance of Roots blower
 Jun 20, 2014|View:405

It is the same for many mechanical products, including Roots blowers. After we buy back these products, they must be used in some of our need to use them. Then there is basically no problem with using them, then after using them up The maintenance is a university question, because if you maintain it, it will be more effective for later use.

Then the daily maintenance of Roots blower generally includes the following aspects:

1. First of all, we must not install the cleaned fan in a place where we may often go in and out during maintenance after it is used up. This may cause unnecessary injuries the next time it is used.

2. In addition, the fan can not be installed in some flammable, explosive and corrosive gas places, the consequences should be known.

3. We must also consider many aspects when installing the Roots blower, so it is best to have more loose space.

4. In addition, when installing the fan, we should also observe whether the surrounding foundation is firm and whether its surface is relatively flat. Anyway, try to install it in a relatively stable place.

5. The temperature around the fan is also controlled, because the Roots blower itself will increase the temperature when it is working, so the temperature of the environment where it is working cannot be higher than 40 degrees, so the use time of it will be reduced. influential.

Basically, the daily maintenance of Roots blower is almost the same considering the above five points. Of course, it is better to consider some details.