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Roots blower: some preparations for the use of roots blower
 Jun 18, 2014|View:500

Although we have already understood some basic classification, daily maintenance and some of its components of Roots blower, in fact, these are not the most important. The important thing is practice. Then we can only have it after operation. Really feel.

Then, if you want to operate, you must pay attention to the problems that may occur during the operation. Safety first. For this situation, we need to do some preparatory work before the operation.

Then there are mainly the following tasks to be done before operating the Roots blower:

1. First, we need to check every part of the Roots blower, including the connection of any small parts and the installation quality inspection of the intake and exhaust pipes and valves;

2. There must be no other external loads before it starts to work, because this may affect the Roots blower;

3. Check the blower and motor two to three times;

4. Then check the surroundings of the base of the unit to see if it is tight;

5. The next step is to refuel inside. This oil must be used with suitable oil.

Of course, the preparatory work done before the Roots blower work is definitely not enough. Next, I will share with you other preparations that need to be done before the Roots blower work.