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Roots blower: Let’s get to know the roots blower with everyone
 Feb 24, 2014|View:320

I have already analyzed a lot of relevant knowledge about Roots blower with you, then I will share with you Roots blower, although it is only one word more than Roots blower, but there are many differences in their related knowledge. the same.

Compared with the Roots blower, the Roots blower is a volume rotary blower, so it mainly uses its two blade-shaped rotors to make a relative movement in the internal cylinder to compress and transport gas. Then it belongs to the rotary compressor.

Then the Roots blower still has many advantages. I will share with you slowly in the future. Today I will briefly share with you two of the advantages:

1. Its structure is very simple

2. It is also very convenient in manufacturing

In addition, the Roots blower is also suitable for the transmission and compression of gas under some low pressure occasions. According to its function, we can also use it as a vacuum pump.