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Roots blower: What is the structure of a roots blower?
 Mar 03, 2014|View:326

When we generally look at the Roots blower from the outside, it seems that there are not too many characteristics, but in fact, its internal characteristics are quite obvious. Let's analyze its relatively obvious structure with everyone.

There is a rotor inside the Roots blower, and different Roots blowers have different rotors, but they are usually divided into the following two types: two-leaf Roots blower and three-leaf Roots blower.

So usually what we see is more likely to be a three-blade Roots blower. It is said to be a three-blade, because its rotor needs to perform three rounds of suction and exhaust every time it rotates. This reduces the number of Roots blowers. Some pressure from the blower. Compared with the two-leaf roots blower, its vibration is not as large as that of the two-leaf blower, and its noise is also low.

In fact, the most important thing in the internal structure of the Roots blower is its rotor, so we must choose according to our needs when we buy or need to use it.