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Turn off the fan: how to properly install and repair the fan
 May 26, 2016|View:16

The fan shutoff is the rotary valve we often say. It is usually installed at the discharge port of the unloader that works under negative pressure to prevent air from being sucked in from the discharge port during the pneumatic conveying process, and to ensure the normal discharge of the unloader. material. But in order to be able to ensure its normal use, we need to do its installation and maintenance work during the operation.


Do a good job in the installation of the fan

When installing, first of all need to ensure the cleanliness of the machine, especially there should be no foreign matter in the shell. Secondly, it is necessary to check all the fasteners to ensure the connection is reliable, and the upper and lower flanges of the machine must be firmly connected, and the whole machine must be in a horizontal state. Finally, check the wiring of the motor to make it have the starting conditions. Doing the above installation work is mainly to avoid confusion when using it later.

Do a good job in the maintenance of the fan

Said it is overhaul, in fact, it is to ask us to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of this equipment. For example, if the conveyed material is too viscous, it will easily cause the equipment to overload. In this case, we can solve it by simply installing an overload protection device or replacing a high-power motor.

When installing lubricating oil, if the installation environment is at a high temperature or excessive dust, it is best for us to shorten the oil change time to ensure the quality of the product.

In the above content, we have put forward suggestions for the installation and maintenance of the fan, and also listed the solutions under different situations, hoping to help you.