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What do you need to know when buying a fan
 Jun 07, 2016|View:506

Regarding the characteristics, installation and maintenance of the fan, we have already mentioned it slightly in the previous content. I believe everyone also knows that it mainly plays the role of conveying materials, and also plays a role of sealing, preventing air from being sucked in from the discharge port during the pneumatic conveying process, and ensuring the normal discharge of the unloader. It is precisely because of its outstanding role that we have a lot of things to pay attention to when we buy. The following will introduce you in detail.


1) Purpose (please say whether the gallbladder is discharged quantitatively, discharged in full, or is air-locked)

  2) Place of use (indoor or outdoor)

  3) Conveying method (pneumatic conveying or gravity flow)

4) Please specify flange specifications (standard)

  5) Please specify the model when it needs to be equipped with acceleration chamber and exhaust chamber

  6) Whether the surface of the inner cavity of the fan needs special treatment

  7) Does the reducer motor need to specify the manufacturer, protection level, explosion-proof level, etc.

  8) Painting color (with or without designated color, if not designated, this is the company's product standard color)

  9) Capacity (feed amount per hour, and indicate whether it is quantitative or variable delivery)

  10) The performance of conveying materials (including name, particle size, true density, bulk density, temperature, angle of repose, moisture content, viscosity and others)

  11) The name of the conveying gas and the pressure difference between the upper and lower flanges of the fan

   The above eleven points are the main points to pay attention to when purchasing a fan. Everyone must pay attention to the review when purchasing a closed fan.