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How to install and use the fan
 Mar 23, 2018|View:205

After the introduction of the previous content, everyone must have a certain understanding of Guan Fan. After the purchase process, the fan will be installed and used immediately. In the following content, we will give you a detailed introduction.


Turn off the installation of the fan

Before installing the machine, make sure that the entire shut-off fan must be kept clean, especially there must be no foreign matter in the shell. Next, check all the fasteners to ensure that the connection is reliable and the machine is well grounded. The upper and lower flanges of the entire shut-off fan must be firmly connected while keeping the whole machine in a horizontal state. Check the wiring of the motor to make it have the starting conditions.

Turn off the use of the fan

In the process of turning off the fan, if powder leakage is found on the shaft, the packing gland bolts at both ends should be tightened. At the same time, please note that if the motor heats up too high when the power is turned on, it must be shut down for inspection to avoid affecting the normal operation of the reducer.

In the above content, we started from two aspects of the installation and use of the fan, and introduced it for everyone. I believe everyone has a new understanding of this mechanical equipment. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us in time.